Monday, August 27, 2007

Pass on to any teens you know in NYC...

Dear Youth Advocate:

Did you know that teens living in New York have rights that they may not know about? Teens have the right to make many health care decisions.
Most minors in New York do not know that they can get contraceptives, STI and pregnancy testing, abortions and pre-natal care without permission from their parents.

The Teen Health Initiative (THI) works to make sure that teens know their rights and to remove the barriers that prevent young people from accessing essential health care. Our peer educators conduct workshops for adolescents about minors' rights to receive this care and learn how they can make a difference. We need your help to empower today's youth:

THI seeks dynamic high school students to train other New York youth in teens' rights to health care. The THI Peer Educators meet weekly and
deliver workshops throughout the five boroughs. Peer Educators are
paid $7.50 to $9.50 per hour and receive reimbursement for travel expenses. We encourage you or teens you know to apply to work with us as Peer Educators. Please fill out our application and mail, fax or email it back to us!

THI Peer Educators:

* Work with teens from all over the city, many of whom they may not
otherwise meet
* Improve their knowledge of minors' rights to health care
* Travel to all five boroughs (and beyond!) giving workshops to teens
* Meet with doctors, lawyers, and leaders that represent the
reproductive justice movement in New York and the United States
* Earn stipends of $7.50 to $9.50 an hour or community service credit,
and enjoy delicious multicultural take-out food
* And, most importantly, have a fabulous time!
To become a THI Peer Educator, you need to:
* Be a high school student living in New York City
* Commit to Monday meetings from 4pm to 6pm
* Give at least five workshops during the year throughout New York
* Write 2 articles for the THI newsletter, Let's Talk About...
* Be an energetic and enthusiastic team player!
Here's how to apply to become an amazing THI Peer Educator:
* Fill out an application (enclosed or online) and either mail or fax
it o the THI or Request an application by emailing or calling 212.607.3341

We encourage you or teens you know to apply to work with us as Peer Educators - Teens can make a difference!


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