Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Join NARAL NY this Saturday in PA to Get Out the Vote for OBAMA!

Get on the Bus!

We are now in the most crucial month for the presidential election. With new polls being released every day and excitement intensifying across the country, you might be asking yourself, as a pro-choice New Yorker, what can I do to help? How can I contribute to national efforts?

Unlike any election in history, this one depends on individuals who are willing to get involved. Grassroots activities like knocking on doors, rallying and talking to voters will make the difference. That’s why NARAL Pro-Choice New York is asking you to…

Get on the bus!

With 21 electoral votes, Pennsylvania is a crucial battleground for the presidential election. That’s why we’re heading down to Pennsylvania by the busload. Join us for day trips to Pennsylvania to knock on doors to identify pro-choice voters, talk about where Barack Obama and John McCain each stand on choice, and raise awareness about local pro-choice candidates.

· Saturday, October 18

· Saturday, October 25

Buses leave from the NARAL Pro-Choice New York office, 470 Park Ave. South, 7th Floor (get directions) at 7:30am and will be back in NYC around 7pm.

Email Lalena Howard or call 646-520-3506 to reserve your seat.

*space is going fast so reserve your spot today!