Friday, June 12, 2009

Women's Liberation Class

Community Education Class Offered: “Women’s Liberation: Where Do I Fit In?”
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This 8 week class is for women who want to understand the basic truths
about how we are held back on the job, in the classroom, in public
life and in the home; how a feminist movement was organized to change
this; how we can learn from this to build the kind of movement that
can put the male chauvinists on the run again, and how each woman can
contribute to that effort. Open to women only, the class will teach
the radical ideas and methods that sparked the rebirth of the feminist
movement in the 1960s.

Dates: Wednesdays, July 8th-August 26th, 7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Location: Judson Memorial Church, Garden Room, 235 Thompson St between
Washington Square South and West 3rd St. Subway: ACE/BDFV to West 4th

Cost: $85 (sliding scale available). The fee includes class readings,
including "Feminist Revolution," a 224-page anthology by Redstockings
(an influential women’s liberation organization), and 70 additional
pages of essential classic feminist readings.

To Register: Send a check made out to Women’s Liberation Birth Control
Project to Annie Tummino, 73 Irving Ave #3L, Brooklyn NY 11237. Please
include your name, address, email and phone number. Space is limited.
The registration deadline is June 20th, although we will continue to
accept registration after that if space is available.

For More Information: Call Jen at 347-613-5030 or email Childcare is available for class at no
additional cost, if notice is given.

Donations: If you can't take the class but want to support this work,
consider donating to our scholarship fund, so that women with low
incomes can take the class. Make your check out to the Women’s
Liberation Birth Control Project and write “Scholarship Fund” on the
memo line. Send to Annie Tummino, 73 Irving Ave #3L, Brooklyn NY


This class was developed by Gainesville (Fl) Women's Liberation. The
readings come from the Redstockings Women's Liberation Archives for
Action- It will be taught by Erin Mahoney, Chair
of the Women’s Liberation Birth Control Project and Social Wage

The class will teach the radical ideas and methods that sparked the
rebirth of the feminist movement in the 1960s through a combination of
lecture, discussion of readings, a film, and consciousness-raising
testifying and talk some about new women's liberation theory and
organizing. You will learn about the heroic struggle women have
waged, individually and collectively, for our survival and our
freedom; the political causes of the unhappiness in our daily lives;
women's progress owing to the feminist movement; and how to use this
information to change conditions for women.

This class is not about personal liberation through improved
self-esteem or an alternative women's culture, nor is it about
recalling a golden age of matriarchy. It is not about how feminism
can save the planet, nor is it about achieving status in the present
corrupt system through individual self-improvement or lifestyle

The following will be covered:

o The origins of women's liberation in the civil rights movement
o Consciousness-raising-get to the root of sexism-Who benefits? Who pays?
o The fight for abortion rights as an example of how feminist gains
have been won and lost
o Radical feminist theory-what is radical? What is a radical feminist
analysis? What is male supremacy?
o Women, Work, and Money-how organizing on new radical feminist theory
on the social wage (i.e., free public childcare, parental leave,
national health care) can be a springboard toward women's liberation.

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