Monday, December 1, 2008

A Pro-Choice Voice in Adoption

Spence-Chapin, a non-profit, pro-choice adoption agency, is working citywide to raise awareness about modern adoption practice through trainings with hospitals, family planning and community health centers, as well as community-based organizations and government organizations. We advocate for the inclusion of adoption as an essential and integral component of "options counseling" services and are committed to ensuring that professionals who work with pregnant women have the tools necessary to present this option to their clients and patients. We also advocate for women on a systemic level to standardize the response to women and families who are exploring adoption.

Request a training for your staff today and ensure adoption is integrated as a reproductive option to women and families facing unintended pregnancy or the recent birth of an infant they are uncertain they can parent.

Please contact us if you would like the following FREE educational tools sent directly to your office:

"Adoption Reference Guide for Providers in NY and NJ", a comprehensive handbook that offers healthcare and family planning provider’s information about modern adoption practice, legal rights, adoption for infants with special needs, community resources and referral information.

"10 Things Everyone Should Know about Adoption",
a user-friendly pocket guide for patients and clients (contains information in both English and Spanish) that includes ten of the most frequently asked questions about the adoption option.

Marci Lieber, MSW
Healthcare Advocate
mlieber at

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