Monday, June 2, 2008

Great new video about NYS Pro-Choice Bill!

Check out this great new video about the Reproductive Health Act! This bill is important beyond New York’s borders. When it finally passes, we believe it will change the way we think about reproductive freedom across the country. As other states rush to pass abortion bans and “trigger laws” that would ban all abortion if Roe v. Wade should fall, we are promoting a proactive piece of legislation that will safeguard our rights. We are working to lead the way to protect women’s health, and hope the rest of the country will follow.

The Reproductive Health Act strengthens New York’s laws and protects a woman’s ability to make one of life’s most important and life-changing decisions -- whether or when to have children. The bill guarantees women’s right to choose or refuse birth control or abortion. It treats family planning as a public health issue. And it ensures that if continuing a pregnancy would jeopardize a woman’s health, she will continue to have safe, legal options available.

Politicians have shown a frightening willingness to interfere in private medical decisions – and the Supreme Court has said that is okay. Now is the time to safeguard these important protections for women’s health and autonomy.

This bill isn’t just about pregnancy, abortion or birth control. It’s about autonomy, privacy, and dignity. It’s about creating and supporting healthy families. It is about health care policy that respects our ability as individuals to decide the course of our own lives.

It’s about creating the world we want.

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