Friday, June 6, 2008

Counter-protest This Saturday to Support Birth Control!

From the National Institute for Reproductive Health's blog....

This Saturday, June 7th, marks the 43rd anniversary of the Griswold v. Connecticut decision in the Supreme Court, which established constitutional privacy protection for married couples’ use of contraception in 1965. Unmarried women obtained the right to use birth control a little later in 1972.

Sadly, despite the Supreme Court’s decisions, women across America are still fighting for their right to contraceptive access. From the financial barriers millions of women face in accessing contraception to pharmacists’ refusals to fill birth control prescriptions, women are left to defend their right to contraception. However, those aren’t the only barriers. Many in the anti-choice community are working not only to abolish the legal right to abortion but also to end women’s right to access birth control!

This Saturday, the American Life League is staging “Protest the Pill Day: The Pill Kills Babies” demonstrations across the country to protest the anniversary and women’s access to contraception. Their accusations about the dangers of the birth control pill are medically inaccurate and show the dangerous extent to which our opponents will go to control women’s bodies and their reproductive health. Show your support for women’s access to birth control by counter-demonstrating this Saturday!


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