Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dial 311! Advocate for NYC Sex Ed!

Dial 311!

Call the City of New York and tell them you want real sex ed in New York City schools.

A quick phone call can make a big difference.

It's easy and it will only take 2 minutes.

STEP 1: Dial 311 (It's a free call)

STEP 2: Ask to make a suggestion (or a complaint) to the Department of Education

STEP 3: Tell the operator you believe students should get sex education every year in the public schools. Them them sex ed should be required for all kids.

STEP 4: They will ask you for your contact information. You can leave your name and contact info or you can ask to be anonymous.

STEP 5: Pass this message on to 10 of your friends!

It won't take much time, but it can make a big difference. Your suggestion will go to the Department of Education and a report of calls will go to the City Council, the Public Advocate, Community Boards and the public. 311 is New York City's phone number for government information and non-emergency services. For more information go to: http://www.nyc.gov/html/doitt/html/about/about_311.shtml.


Research shows that sex education is effective at helping young people make healthy decisions about their bodies and their relationships. All the major medical organizations support sex education. Eight out of ten New Yorkers support sex education. Yet most public schools in NYC do not teach sex ed!

What are we waiting for?

Let's give our young people the information and skills they need to live healthy lives. Call 311 now. Then urge your friends and colleagues to do the same!

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